Oct. 11, 2004

On a Roll

After work Friday I went home, got a shower, then smoked until it was time for Adam to get off work. We went to Danley's for drinks, just to see his dad. Then we went to the Eagle's. We gambled while we were there and ended up winning $30.00 each. We got about six signers too. I took off both $50.00 seals. not bad....At home later, we were going to watch movies that we had rented, but Adam was too fucked up to watch them after we smoked with Nicole. I was a little pissed. He was talking nonsense and I could barely have a conversation with him. I had sex with him though because we both wanted it. Even when I am angry at him, we still have good sex.

I thought Saturday was going to drag, but it didn't. It went by very quickly. I babysat Derek and Rebekah from 12:30pm - 11:30pm. Talk about a long ass day. No, I had fun though, seriously. We played outside; baseball, swings, tag, ect. I haven't had that much exercise in ages. They had me running around just like we used to do when I'd watch them. There were Halloween movies on the Disney Channel that Derek wanted to watch, so that kept them entertained. I colored, played board games and I even painted Rebekah's nails (she was coloring them with a marker so I offered to paint them). They went to bed a little later than Tara wanted them to, but I couldn't be mean. I remember when I used to have babysitters they would always let me stay up. I missed watching them. I made $55.00 having fun and that is awesome.

That night Adam and I watched the movies we rented. One was about a rapper (a WHITE rapper and no, it was not Eminem)who was trying to make it big and the other was called 'Walking Tall'. 'Walking Tall' was good. We both liked it.

Sometimes on Sundays Adam and I wake up around the same time, but I was up before him yesterday. I got ready to go; even though I had no idea what we were doing that day. I hung out with Nicole while Adam went to the One's. When he got back we went to the Eagle's for a bit. We had plans to make dinner at home, but neither of us felt like doing so. I suggested that we go to Hoss' to eat instead. Of course I got the fillet. It was alright...obviously not as good B.J.'s or Mettucci's, but still very good. I was really full when we left.

We rented new movies last night too. This time we decided on 'Poolhall Junkies' which wasn't that bad; and Sopranos season 2. We should have rented episodes six, seven, and eight too, but didn't. I knew he was going to want to watch more when the first disc was over. We started watching 'Pool Hall Junkies' but stopped paying attention during the first ten minutes because of having sex. That's better than the movie anyway.

This morning I was up a little before 8:30 because I needed to call my mom. I asked her yesterday if she'd like to go for breakfast today and she told me to call her in the morning. I called and then went back to bed until it was time to meet her. We ate at Jay's Tiffany's. I used to hate breakfast food, but for some reason, within the past year, I have grown to love it. It's weird.

During breakfast, my mom brought up my three day suspension from work. She found out from my boss since his wife and my mom are friends. She wasn't mad and didn't judge me at all. She asked if I'd consider going to the doctor's to get a prescription to help with stress, anxiety, depression, whatever. I told her that I would. She made me an appointment for tomorrow morning, so we'll see what happens there.

Two co-workers are out sick today. My boss called me at 9:30 and left a voice mail asking me to come in. Since I was going out for breakfast, I didn't call him back until afterwards. I came in at 11:17am. I normally don't start until 1:30. It's only about two hours early, but with being out for those three days last week, I need every hour I can get. My paycheck is going to suck. Plus, coming in early might make it look like I actually care about this company and want to help out. I don't; I'm just looking at for myself, really.

Tomorrow is another early morning for me....I must be on a roll.

missdahling at 9:11 p.m.