Nov. 10, 2004

Postal Service

I�m having a good day today. I went to breakfast with my mom this morning at nine. She was having my sister�s car oil changed and inspected so she asked if I�d like to go to breakfast while that was getting done. We ate a restaurant across the street from the garage that was working on the car. I told her that I called the credit card company and they said all the invoices they have tried to send me were returned. That explains why my mom got mail returned to her that she tried to send too. It�s straightened out though. The post office said that we have a new postman delivering mail to us and he thought I was the person (Krista) who moved out so they just stopped bringing me my mail.
Mom and I had a nice breakfast.

I left the restaurant and went back home and to bed until it was time for me to come to work. Adam actually brought me here today because he has off. Malone is working for him tonight. I guess he either misses it or wants the extra cash. Adam and I said goodbye when he dropped me off. He told me that he would bring me dinner on my lunch break later too.

At 5:30, he comes in looking absolutely adorable, carrying bags and a drink from OIP. Everyone at work comments on what a good guy he is as I sit there and beam with pride. I thanked him and then asked if he had time for me to sit in the car and smoke a cigarette. I don�t like going outside to smoke one in this bitter weather. As we were walking down the steps, he says that he has a surprise for me. �Well, not really a surprise �;�
The surprise was a packed bowl. We went for a ride out by my parents� house and then came back into town. It was nice because it made my night at work go by so much quicker. Right now, I only have twenty minutes before we close. It seems like I just had my break!

For a few weeks now, I�ve been trying to win the Sex & the City dvd�s to give to Megan for Christmas this year. After losing about seven auctions, I finally won tonight. Yay! I got Seasons 1-5 for $127.00 (+$10.00 for shipping and handling). I have to make the payment within three days, so I�ll pay it on Friday when I know that the money is in my account. I wish they would have included Season 6-Part I and II but they didn�t. I guess she�ll have to get those on her own.

Tomorrow I�m going to look for gifts for the rest of my family. I�m not sure what to get for my dad. He is the hardest person to buy for, I swear. I have a couple of ideas for my mom; she mentioned that she wants a digital camera so I�m going to check out prices on those. For Madison, I have tons of ideas (American Girl Dolls preferably). She will be very easy to find gifts for. Then I have to work on Adam�s gift. I want this Christmas to be special for him and I.

I have more to write, but I don�t have time. Not that I�m complaining, I�m glad work is over. Later.

missdahling at 9:59 p.m.