Sept. 20, 2004

Bachelorrete Party

Leaving work at five on Friday was so nice. My whole three and a half hour shift seemed to fly by. I went home after my shift, touched up my makeup, got dressed, and smoked a little to help me relax.

I was a little late getting to Traci's but that's because Adam got out of work a few minutes late. Traci is under a lot of stress. She is having guy problems, and just had heart surgery last month. I could tell she was tense as we drove to Mt. Carmel.

All the girls met at Gina's sister's (Lynelle) house, then headed over to Mettucci's. I couldn't stand the one girl who came to dinner with us. She was nice, but you could tell she wasn't sincere. She was just annoying. I didn't want to talk to her. The other girls were nice. I forget their names, except for Christine, who used to work with me.

We all finished our meals (I had prime rib; good, but nothing to really brag about) and were trying to figure out what bars to go to. Well, Christine suggested that we go to the Eagle's. I didn't really want to because I am at the one in my town every day. But, who was I to protest?

It was nice at the Eagle's, really nice bar, but just like this town, there were no young people there and it was dead for a Friday night. I did manage to win $50.00 off of a punch board.

Traci and I didn't go to any other bars. We were both tired and it was pouring down rain the whole night. Driving home really sucked.

I was so happy to see Adam when I got back. It was weird spending a Friday night away from him. We usually go out together. He was tired when I got home too so we relaxed and watched tv together.

I felt bad on Saturday because Adam had his first pool match Saturday afternoon and he lost. The team as a whole won, but he lost his individual game. He was so nervous though. He will do better next time, I'm sure.

Since his match was at the Legion, we only had to drive about a block to pick up our bag. We have a lot of weed, but I am out $160.00. Adam is giving me money towards it though this week. The bag will last us much longer and we will save money in the long run anyway.

So, stopped at Benders, then went home to smoke. We got high, then went to the Eagle's for some drinks. I was hungry by this time and were going to go to the Ends for wings, but found out that they were really busy so we felt bad for making them cook. Ya know what, I don't even remember what I ate.

I wanted to rent movies, but we have 4 movies already out that are weeks late. Our next option was to borrow some movies from our neighbor, Brooke. We ended up smoking with her while we were there. Her and her boyfriend are trying to quit smoking, but wanted one last smoke before they do so. We gave her a little bit of weed in exchange for a bowl. The bowl is really cute. Pinks, reds, and a little bit of orange are in it. And, it holds a lot of weed too! I love it.

We smoked out of the new bowl and watched the movie 'Seven'. It had been awhile since I'd seen that.

Adam woke up really early on Sunday because his wisdom teeth were really hurting him. He went to the store to by ambasol and stopped by the river to look at it.

The water level of the river is sooo high. The water is only about 6 feet from the top of the wall. What if the wall were to cave in? We would be screwed. Esp. me, since my house is right by the river. I swear, everyone went to look at the river this past weekend. Traffic was backed up because some of the bridges were's just a mess.

Anyway, I couldn't get back to sleep when Adam told me that he was leaving, so I just layed in bed and smoked a cigarette. He wasn't gone long; only about 40 minutes.

When he got back, he crawled in bed, put his arms around me and told me that he loves me. We kissed, which led to me giving him a blow job. It took his mind of his tooth ache .... at least for a little while.

I didn't think I'd be able to fall back asleep, but the next thing I knew, it was 3 in the afternoon.

We did our usual Sunday thing. I showered and he went to the East Ends for a beer. He saw his grandfather, uncle and aunt while he was there.

We had dinner at Ruby Tuesday, then went to the Eagle's for a quick beer.

Even though I had Ruby Tuesday already, I still wanted wings when we went to the Ends. They have the best wings ever.

After the Ends, we went to Ben's house so they could play football. I sat there a little bored, just watching them play.

We got home and watched the movie 'Fargo' which we borrowed from Ben. After Fargo, we put in the other movie we borrowed from Brooke. I fell asleep during it though. It was called Monsters Ball and it was a really long, drawn out drama. It didn't hold my attention for very long.

It's Monday again which sucks, but only 2 more minutes until work is over. I should clean tonight, but I don't feel like it. We'll see what happens.

missdahling at 9:18 p.m.