Sept. 17, 2004

Friend Overseas

A friend whom I haven't heard from for a year decided to call me last night. Him and the other guys are finally back in the States instead of being in Iraq. He is in California at present time and will be back in Pa sometime next week.

We talked briefly....I told him about Adam and I, and about living with Malone; who used to be one of his best friends. He told me that it feels strange to be back in the States. He feels really paranoid being around civilians, or 'normal people', as he called them.

He was in another country for what seems like such a long time. I can't wait to see him.

It's ashame that things didn't work out between Heather and him. They were supposed to get married, but those plans were cancelled. She had to tell her family and friends that there wasn't going to be a wedding afterall. How embarrassing it would be. I'd feel like such an ass. I wonder if they'll at least see each other when he come home.

I mentioned to him on the phone last night that we should hang out. I'd like to see him before he gets shipped off again. He will be home for a short time, then he's goin' back to Cali.

Hopefully he will call me more often because I told him to. I missed him and I especially would like to talk to him now....he probably has tons of stories to tell.

It's funny how old friends randomly call.

missdahling at 3:02 p.m.