Oct. 15, 2004

Chips, anyone?

Not getting to bed until 6:30 am really sucks when you have to wake up at 8. But, here I am�.. : : sigh : :

Liz had called while I was at work last night asking if I wanted to hang out. Her, Kymmy and Jenn M. were going to watch some movies. I got to her house and we watched �Children of the Corn�. It had been awhile since I�d seen that one. I�d forgotten how freaky it was. Malone called while I was there to see if I could pick him up beer at the bar. Since we were watching the movie, I told him to call me back, but he never did.

I got home and there were a few people there; about 10, I�d say. They were Heather, Dan, Nicole, Malone, Dodge and Steven, Hue, and about 4 other people who I didn�t know. I got a shower, and then went to the Eagle�s to pick up money for a bag.

We got completely ripped off last night. I was the idiot who didn�t look at it before buying it. I know that was stupid, but we had gotten bags off of this person many times before and everything was fine. We got a quarter that looked like an eighth, or not even an eighth. I called Adam right away when I got home and told him that the bag looked like shit. We were both pissed. We�ve also decided that last night would be the last that we dealt with B. Fuck him. All drug dealers become shady bastards at some point.

Before I smoked, I went upstairs to hang out for a little bit before I went to smoke. Upstairs, Dan, Malone, Heather and some other kid were playing pong. I sat there, talked to Heather and watched them play pong. I hadn�t seen Nicole all the whole night, so I asked Malone where she was. He said that she was sleeping, but I saw her getting into her car when I came home from Beav�s.

Everyone at the house later found out that she had gone to A-Plus to buy potato chips. I know this because she came upstairs with three bags of chips and threw them on the floor by Malone�s feet. She went back downstairs and a few moments later so did I.

As I was sitting in my room, smoking by myself, I heard all hell break loose in the living room. The people who were playing cards in the living room decided to eat the chips she had just bought. Remember that I was listening to this in my bedroom �..she comes downstairs and gets pissed off at them for eating them. She dumped a bag of chips directly on each of the people�s heads who were eating them. Her and Matt fought then. I thought it was humerous. If she didn�t want them eaten, she should have put them away. When drunk people see food, they eat it.

I went back to the Eagle�s since Adam had only about an hour of work left. We got home late, but smoked with Hue. I didn�t care about getting to bed; it was already late.

I got maybe 2 hrs of sleep. Adam called off work today and I was going to too. I decided against it though. I can�t wait to go home. The weekend starts at 5! Can�t wait, can�t wait �.

missdahling at 10:28 a.m.