Nov. 05, 2004

"...and he was smoking a lil' reefer"

There was some drama that went down last night concerning a certain roommate of mine. Malone and Dodge decided to go to the bar last night after everyone at the house was done partying. They left the bar with this guy named Charlie. Charlie is an older guy, in his mid-thirties but looks like he is about twenty-two. He has came over to our house to smoke with Adam and I before. Last night Dodge was going to help him out with trees which is why the three of them left together.

I opted to stay home last night. I wanted to rest since I had to get up early this morning. Adam met me at home after he was done with work. We had just gotten finished smoking when my cell rings. It was Malone�s number so I answered it but noone was there. Five seconds later my phone rings again. This time Malone asks to speak with Nicole. When I told her that she might be sleeping, he said,�Wake her up. I might be going to jail tonight.�

Adam was listening to this and I told him exactly what Malone told me�.that he might be going to jail. He jumps out of bed shaking his head in disappointment, and throws clothes on. I ask where he is going and he said,�I�ve gotta talk to Malone.� He was out talking to Nicole and Hue or Malone or god knows who for about thirty minutes. I wanted a cigarette so I yelled out to the livingroom to ask him for one. Nicole is bawling and screams,�Jenn! Matt is in jail!!! Can you just be cool for once, ok?� Adam is talking at the same time as her, telling me that there is a lighter in his pants pocket. I listened to him and then said,��and Nicole, don�t yell at me!!!� Grrrr�.I wanted to go out there and punch her in the fucking face. All because I said I needed a lighter.

Nicole was wrong, Malone wasn�t actually in jail. He was talking to the cops. The story goes something like this:

Malone parked in the ally behind our house so that Dodge could quickly go to his car and get the bags he was selling. The cops saw this and apparently thought it looked suspicious (a parked car in an ally at four in the morning does look a little suspicious, I admit) so they pulled up next to them and asked to search the car. The two of them refused I guess. The cops obviously knew they had weed.

This is where the details start to get out of sorts. Adam told me this story and I don�t think he got things straight. Malone was outside of the car (I guess). I say this because Malone told the cop that he had an eighth for personal use and went back to the car and told Dodge he needed an eighth. Dodge chooses four of the many bags he has made up to sell and handed them to Malone. The cop came over and somehow he kicked the other bags under the car. I was going to drive by this morning because as of last night, they were sitting in the Weis parking lot by our house.

The cop escorted Malone back home joking with him all the while. Adam says that Malone gave the cop a gram of weed and got off very easy but I�m not sure how true that really is. He didn�t go to jail, but he does have a court hearing coming up. This could affect the job he�s trying to get too. They shouldn�t have even gotten caught�.they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Adam finally came back to bed as I decided to myself that it was time to try to get to sleep. He wanted to smoke a bowl, but I declined. He commented on me asking for a lighter and was pissed about it. I didn�t do anything wrong though. I didn�t know it was a sin. Please, forgive me. Oh puh-lease�.he thought I was asking for the lighter because I was pissed off. I wasn�t though. What pissed me off was that him and Nicole were mad. Oh yeah, the fact that he sided with Nicole infuriates me even more�.

And I�m still pissed off those things. I woke up this morning in a foul mood. I was short with Adam when he was trying to talk to me. When he asked what was wrong, I told him that I had a bad night last night. He said,�Well, what if I had a bad night.� I go,�But you didn�t, so why would you say that?�

When I left he didn�t get a kiss goodbye.

I need to get out of this depression funk that I�m in.

missdahling at 10:57 a.m.