Sept. 08, 2004

It's My House

Our landlord called Adam last night at 9:30 pm. Our rent was a little over a week late and she wanted our money T O D A Y. Adam didn't have his part, but I covered it until he gets the money; which should be by tomorrow night Friday. Not a problem.

However, our landlord also wanted to know why her electric bill was $40.00 more than usual. Apparently the upstairs electric to our house goes on her bill (We aren't even supposed to be using the 2nd floor because there are no fire escapes.). So, Adam had to make up some bullshit story about how the air conditioner might have been left on, and he has a guitar amp plugged in, etc. He couldn't tell her that we have two people living up there.

The cause of her high electric bill was, in fact because of an air conditioner - - Kevin and Christa's air conditioner.

It wasn't fair that Adam had to deal with the landlord when it wasn't even his idea for other people to move in. It stressed him out so bad. He was miserable the whole night. When we got home, after he spoke with the rest of the house about the landlord problem, he was even more miserable. He threw an ashtray and it shattered against the wall. I screamed and cried because he did that and because he left. This made me to throw a glass plate that broke. There is glass everywhere and now I have to clean it up tonight.

I had a bad night yesterday.

I've been thinking about it, and I want to move out when our lease runs out. I want to live by myself (with Adam, duh). I don't want roommates.

I'll elaborate more on that tomorrow though. Now, I have to go.

missdahling at 9:36 p.m.