Sept. 07, 2004

Labor Day Weekend

I'm back at work after my three day weekend. Blah. Who needs that.

For the first time within a whole slew of Friday nights, this past Friday was the first that we didn't get into a fight. Come to think of it, we didn't even argue. We went to the Eagle's after I got off work, then waited for Beaver to call.

Nicole called me and was being very smug. She thought that me, Adam, Krista and Kevin all voted her out of the house. She left a really mean message on Adam's voice mail too. Noone was voting her out of the house, but now that she was such a bitch, I will find a way to kick her out of the house. She should get her mother fucking story straight before calling and yelling at people; accusing them of saying false things. Fuck her. I can't fucking stand her. She apologized to Adam, but not me. I'm not speaking to her.

Well, I didn't let it ruin my night. We both turned our phones off. We smoked, watched tv and had sex. Sleep was good that night.

The cell phone that was sitting in my car for the past month or so finally got activated on Saturday afternoon. I love this phone! It's great. It is a Samsung X426. A flip phone, M mode access etc. I like the noises that it makes when you receive messages and I also like the noise it makes when you close and open it, but I hate the ring tones! You'll hear more about later on in this entry....

I met Adam and Ben at the Ends for dinner and drinks. I ate all but two of my wings and I was stuffed full. They were good though.

Ben came back to the house with us to take G Bong rips. We all got nice and stoned. Ben and I were tired, but Adam was ready to go out. It was only 8. I'm glad we weren't at the Eagle's for long because I wouldn't have made it the whole night. I was fucked up when we got to karaoke. So stoned that I didn't feel like drinking. That happens to me sometimes. I wish we could have stayed longer because karaoke was packed. There must have been over 100 people there. But, I was tired, so home it was.

We left the Eagle's by 11 to rent movies. We rented four of them and went home and smoked more. We watched Jackass and I forget the other movie we rented. We had sex and both ended up drifting to sleep during Mothman Prophecies. What an early night.

My parents had a picnic at their house Sunday afternoon. We ate grilled chicken and steak, potato salad, broccoli salad, and baked beans. Picnic food is so good. It will probably be the last picnic that I go to this summer. When I was there, I realized that I miss Megan. I don't want her to be at college. I wish she were still living at home.

I did talk to Megan later that night. Adam and I went to the Ends, then to the Eagles and then the Legion. I was feeling good, so when we got home and after we smoked with Cindy and Ron, I started drunk dialing people. I called my sister, my cousin, and lots of other people. I don't know why. I used to be the biggest drunk dialer - ever. hehe

We stayed in the rest of the night. We had sex, then went to sleep.

Monday was boring. I enjoyed my day off, but I didn't do much. Adam had to work at four, so I went to my parent's house for dinner again. I ended up staying until almost 1 am.

I went to the bar to find that Adam had a really slow night and was ready to head out. We went to the Rescue's for some drinks and then home to smoke. Again, we had sex and then went to sleep.

I had sex everyday this weekend. I loved it.

I wish I had another vacation day coming up.

missdahling at 6:52 p.m.