Aug. 25, 2004


I didn't have time to write yesterday due to being so busy at work. Today is also busy, but not quite as bad.

Adam went to the Ford dealership in our town to see about applying for a sales job. They called him almost immediatly after he had left and told him to come in today for an interview. He went and doesn't know if he's interested. The salary isn't what he thought, and the location isn't what he thought either. He was really excited about it too, so I feel bad. He may end up taking it, if offered to him of course, but I doubt it.

We were only out for a little while last night. We stopped by Danley's to see his dad and we stopped by the Eagle's to sign the book (even thought my name never gets pulled). We each had one beer, and then we went home. I was pleased.

Malone made a G-bong on Monday, so after the bar last night, Adam and I went home to try it out. He packed about three hits for himself, then one hit from the bowl. He told me that he didn't think the G worked so well and that you could get the same amount of hit from the bowl. Well, those hits fucked him up so bad that he started passing out. This got me pissed off.

We were not really fighting earlier in the night...he was joking and I thought he was serious. I was in a bad mood, but got over it.

Anyway, when he passed out, I took that as he didn't want to hang out with me. I yelled at him and said,"If you don't want to hang out with me, then FUCK YOU!"

He responded by telling me that he was too fucked up.

I think that's why I got so mad. He always gets so fucked up that when we go home, he passes out.

I cried for awhile, put clothes on and told him that I needed to go for a drive. He said to go wherever I needed to but to leave my house key. I cried even more.

Megan called and asked if her and Lindsay could stay at my house. She had plans to stay at a friend's cabin, but the plans fell through.

Adam woke up we hung out with Megan and Lindsay for a bit. Then we smoked a little more by ourselves and everything was fine. My mood was better and so was his.

I don't know why I get like that. I hate it. He is everything to me. He caters to my every need, does everything in his power to make me feel loved, and is basically just there for me. When I am pissed at the time, it seems like I actually have a reason to be upset. And when it is all over, I look back and realize that I was over reacting. I had been a whiny, unappreciative, little bitch.

I am PMS'ing. Fuck that.

missdahling at 7:36 p.m.