Aug. 23, 2004

I Have a Case of the Mondays

Friday night - Got very stoned after work with Adam, then smoked with Chris, Erik, Nicole, and Malone. We all went to the Eagle's for drinks, then came home.

It was Jaquolyn's 21st birthday, so I called her to wish her a happy birthday. I'll hopefully make plans to go visit her soon. Can't wait.

Saturday - Slept until the afternoon, then dropped Adam off at work and went to the mall. I spent too much money, but we haven't done laundry in ages, so I needed clothes to wear.

That night we went to the Eagle's. He wanted to stay longer than me which caused a fight. I wish I would have went home and went to sleep, but I waited up for him until he got home which was at 3:30 .... grrrrr.

Sunday - Aunt Kim and Pop pop were visiting at my parent's house so I had lunch and visited with all of them.

We 'kidnapped' Benji and took him for a walk at the marina. I told Malone that Benji was our new dog and he thought we stole him. lol....I wish.

I took a nap for awhile when I got home, then went to the Eagle's and the East Ends. Christine (the bartender from Laughter's) bought us shots so I was a little tipsy.

We were out of weed so Malone smoked us up. I played video games with everyone until I decided I was tired and needed to lay down.

Adam and I watched tv for awhile and then he went to the Rescue's and I took a nap. I woke up when he got home. We had sex for the first time in about three days. Shortly after, we went to sleep.

That was my weekend ... not exciting, but I love the weekend because I have off work.

I have a case of the Monday's ..

missdahling at 9:04 p.m.