Aug. 26, 2004

...and I have the munchies

Some people came to the house last night. Jenn, Liz, Heather, Sherri, the other Liz, Kymmy, and some others who are not worth mentioning. I smoked before everyone got there and then drank a very minimal amount. Two drinks is all, but I was feeling nice.

Jenn and I were pong partners. We won the first two games and then lost the third. I didn't even think we would win the first so I was pleased and so was Jenn.

I was bored at home so I decided to go to the bar and be bored there. I started drinking a beer when I realized that I had better go to the bathroom because I wasn't feeling that well. My stomach felt shitty for about a half hour and then I finished my beer and sipped out of Adam's.

We were home by 3:30. Burke came over and took hits from the gravity bong with us.

Adam and I talked about getting up and going for lunch today before I went to work, but then we decided to go for breakfast. So, we arrive at the restaurant. Inside were all people who had just gotten up and were starting their day. Adam and I were ending our night. We were stoned off our asses and had munchies.

But breakfast tasted soooo good. I had eggs, french toast, and buttered toast. And I ate every last piece!

We went home and both passed out almost immediatly.

And when I had to get up for work at one I felt tired. But, I only have thirty eight minutes of work left. I can deal with it.

missdahling at 9:09 p.m.