Sept. 15, 2004


Payday is coming up and I have bills to pay....They are as follows:

Loan - - - $113.00

Cell - - - $80.00

PP&L - - - $50.00

CC - - - $25.00

Total _______


I called the bank this morning and I have $4.00 in my account. That is sad. I can't remember the last time my funds were so low. I wish I had endless amounts of money so I wouldn't have to worry myself over things like this.

My insurance is due also. It is supposed to be paid by the 30th, but it looks like it's going to be late. I don't have $348.00 this paycheck. Those shitheads will have to wait. I am not asking Adam for money. He already does enough.

I need two new outfits.

One for the bachelorette party that is on Friday and the other for the wedding that is next Saturday. I found a cute skirt that I could wear on Friday, but there is not way that it will arrive by mail within 1 billing day. It sucks. I'll have to drag my ass to mall tomorrow or Friday morning to find something. And as for the wedding, I will try to find something by this weekend.

I am still not talking to Nicole. We saw her at Wal Mart last night when we were buying curtains. I'm friendly to her, but not overly friendly. I hold a grudge and I admit it. Isn't it strange though, we live in the same house and we rarely see each other or talk to one another. I like things that way because she already annoys me to death.

I need to have sex. That's it.

missdahling at 9:13 p.m.