Jul. 19, 2004

Welcome Back Me

I cannot stand this. I'm back at work today. It is my first day back since Tuesday. I'm already filled with hate just from being here. I'm stressed out again and in a foul mood. I wish my vacation would have lasted longer because it was so nice.

Last Tuesday night (July 12th) Malone had people over. I found out and got pissed off. I don't know why I always get so upset about it. I understand that it's his house too and he is entitled to that right. I feel like I'm not any fun too. I got home and I literally cried. I smoked a bowl to calm my nerves because Adam wanted me to come out and socialize.

I ended up having fun even though I hated the thought of people at my house. Liz and Heather were there, but didn't stay very long. Erik and Daniel came down from Bloom to hang out. Adam and I hung out with Erik at the bars. I ended up getting drunk off shots of Doc. We kept buying them for Adam's birthday. Everyone smoked after going to Sheetz. Erik slept on our couch because it was my crazy idea to just take him home in the morning.

For Adam's birthday, I ended up getting him The Sopranos first season...and nothing else. That DVD was about $85.00. I'm really glad that I chose that gift because he was really happy with it. He said that it was really thoughtful and it was a great present. He was like,"You must have remembered that I wanted this because I haven't talked about it for awhile." He likes it so much that he has already watched all of the episodes!

Adam woke me up on Wednesday morning because he was rustling around and making noise so I was up around oh, 9:30. I was pissy, but I always am when I just wake up. We took Erik home, then went back to our house.

We visited Patty and Jack for a bit because Adam's relatives from California were leaving to fly back home. We were thinking about going out to eat, but decided to stay in and cook instead. We went to the store and bought things to make tacos. Adam made them actually, not me. I showered while he was in the kitchen.

I finally got to meet Adam's friend Chrissy. Her and one of her friend's met us at the Eagle's for drinks. She is really nice. I'd like to hang out with her again sometime. She'll be moving to Pittsburg with her boyfriend soon and offered to have us come out and stay with them for a weekend. It would be fun. We'll see what happens.

The rest of Wednesday night we stayed in and watched Sopranos.

I slept all day on Thursday. I didn't get up until a little after Adam left for work. I tried to clean, but decided I was hungry and went to the Eagle's for food. Fallon was there drinking because she got a babysitter for the night. She doesn't get to go out much since she has a baby, so she wanted to go to some other bars. We decided to go to Bloom since neither one of us have been to bars up there before. It sucked bcause noone was out. We went to Hess' and Good Old Days and neither place was very exciting. So we came home.

I got about two hours of sleep that night. Both of us actually got up at 8 when the alarm went off. I got some things ready while he dropped our clothes off at the laundromat.

By the time we showered, got ready, picked up the clothes from the laundromat, packed and got on the road it was around 2:30/3. We stopped and visited his mom on the way too.

The car ride was alright. We missed an exit or two, but nothing to set us back time wise.

It was strange when we got into the city because we came in from across the bay. I've never done that before. We stayed at a place called The Serene. It was a decent place for about $130.00/night. A much better price than the hotel that I wanted to stay at (The Princess Royale - $260.00/night.). There were two double beds in our place, refridgerator, couch, bathroom and tv. Not luxury, but liveable for two nights.

We got situated Friday night, then decided to go out. First we went to a resaurant to eat. We got there and I realized that I wasn't all that hungry so I just got a beer.

We took the bus to a place called The Sand Bar. It was a karaoke bar. Fun, but not as great as I expected it to be. I had about four more bottles of Bud Light, then a margarita which I should not have had. I think it made me sick on the way home. We met these two underage kids from Ohio on the drunk bus and Adam offered to buy them beer. We start walking to the closest 7/11 and I had to stop to throw up. Lovely....

I was so fucked up that I couldn't even smoke. I took a few small hits and then I think I passed right out.

Adam slept in the next morning but I was woken at 9:30 by our wake up call. We didn't want to sleep the day away so we originally wanted to get up early. Adam went back to sleep but I couldn't so I smoked cigarettes and watched tv until he got up and around.

We ate lunch on the boardwalk at Shenanigan's. I had a cheesesteak and three daquiri's that made me throw up on the beach after walking the boardwalk. I have no idea why I was sick. I felt fine when I woke up....I wasn't hungover or anything. I didn't even feel the least bit tipsy after drinking thm either. Maybe it was because of the heat and walking, I don't know. I'm retarded.

I layed out on the beach while Adam played the guitar. He even taught me a few cords. It was so relaxing just laying there. I'm not sure how long we were in the sand but I did get a little bit of a tan. It isn't very noticeable though.

After I got a shower and ready to go out, we went mini golfing at Old Pro Golf. It was a medievil type course. It was alright, but after we finished playing, I kept seeing all these courses that looked like more fun. Oh well. I had never been mini golfing at the beach before. Of course Adam had to beat my score. I wanted to kick his ass too!

Whenever I'd go to the beach with my family when I was little, I was never allowed to go on the rides on the boardwalk because my mother would say that they were unsafe. Needless to say, when Adam and I went on the rollercoaster, I was having so much fun. It went upside down. First you went forward, then they took you upside down going backwards. He had never been on it either.

Good thing that we decided to go on the roller coaster before we ate at Dough Roller. I just had a slice of pizza there. We got icecream as we were about to leave.

Both of us were really tired. When we got back to the hotel we started watching tv. I think we were asleep before one.

I still didn't want to get up yesteray morning. Check out was at 11 though so I didn't have much of a choice.

On Saturday Adam had picked up one of those brochures from the office of our hotel. In it, they had a coupon for on those speed boats that take you out on the ocean. We were going to do that yesterday, but it was closed due to bad weather conditions. The sky was overcast and it had rained the night before. It sucked because I wanted to do that. I've never been on one before.

The last stop was Big Pecker's Bar and Grill. We sat outside and I thought about how I didn't want to leave. The end of vacations are always a little sad.

It took us awhile to get home because we got lost coming out of Reading. I should sue mapquest.

Here I am back home. Welcome me back.

I wish I were still on vacation ...

missdahling at 4:29 p.m.