Jul. 20, 2004

Jail Birds

At home last night, around 1:00 / 1:30, I was sitting in the livingroom with Nicole, Malone, Dodge, Zack, and Kevin(my new roommate) watching Aqua Ten Hunger Force and smoking. Dodge said that he heard someone's phone ring. I really was paying no attention, but Malone was like,"Is that your phone ringing?" I went to my room to check and it was mine. 'Meg cell'. I call the number back and I got the voice mail. She called back bawling and asked if I could come pick them up at the police station.

Oh no....

I rush to the police station to find her and Jacob sitting inside waiting for me. They had gotten pulled over by a state cop on their way to Megan's car. Both of them got underages and Jacob got a DUI. They also found Jacob's flask in Megan's purse. Breathalizers (Megan's B.A.C was 1.4 and Jacob's was 1.5), cuffs....the works.

My parents are on vacation right now and JAcob's parents were sleeping so they didn't answer the phone when the police called. That's why I was the one to bail them out.

Mom and dad will not be happy about this....

missdahling at 9:02 p.m.