Jul. 13, 2004

Catching Up

I spent all day at work yesterday searching online for the just the right birthday present for Adam. I bought him Sopranos DVD�s, and I plan on paying for the trip that we go on this weekend. A vacation and DVD�s � I wish I could do more, but I ran out of time (my fault, I know) and I am running out of funds.

While browsing online yesterday, I found some really cute ideas for home-made gifts. The thing is, I don�t have many pictures of us, actually, I only have one. I didn�t really keep any movie ticket stubs, or memorabilia like that. I did go to Wal-Mart last night and buy a small photo album and colored pieces of paper. On each piece of paper, I am going to write the following:

23 Reasons Why I Love You � written by Your�s Truly

I love you because �..

-you make even my worst days okay

-you make it easier for me to be me

-I smile whenever I think of you

-even after four years, my heart still skips a beat whenever I see you

-I can kiss you for the millionth time and it still feels like the first

-a lot of my favorite memories revolve around you

-you make me laugh

-I can talk to you about anything�..

-and you listen!

-we can do absolutely nothing and I still have a great time

-you know how to cheer me up when I am down

-you make me feel like I am the most beautiful girl in the world

-you�re thoughtful

-I know I can always count on you

-you put up with my craziness, complainants, etc.

-you encourage me to get out of bed in the mornings

-I can trust you

-you�re willing to make compromises with me

-you call just to say hi

-you look out for me

-I wake up next to you each morning

-you make new friends wherever we go

-I love you because you�re you

I might write each �I love you� on a small piece of colored paper, then place them in the photo album. I don�t know yet�..or I was thinking about writing them each on separate pieces of paper and then blowing up balloons and sticking them inside and make him pop each balloon, then read what�s inside. That might be more fun.

Since I was busy with birthday ideas and with work in general, I didn�t get a chance to write yesterday�

The weekend was good except I was so tired during most of it. The sad thing is that I felt like sleeping was pretty much all I did.

Friday night we rented movies right after I got off of work. We stopped at Beaver�s and went home.

I slept the day away on Saturday. I woke up late afternoon. By the time I showered and got ready it was already about five. Adam and I went to The Fence to eat dinner. I accompanied him to the Eagle�s, but didn�t stay long. I got so tired �. I went home and took a nap. Liz had people over at her house and I was invited of course. I didn�t feel like going, but I felt bad not stopping by. I only stayed there for about thirty minutes tops. We were in fairly early which was good since I was tired for no reason! It sort of pissed me off because I felt like my day was wasted.

On Sunday we went to Ana�s mom�s and Scott�s. It was actually a lot of fun. Ana�s mom is great and Adam gets along really well with Scott. We swam for a bit, then I got in the hot tub. It was sooo nice. I want one of my own. I also drank a few beers while I was there. It was unusual for me. They were going down like nothing; even the Natty Ice that Scott gave me. Adam and I took a twelve pack. It seemed like we had more beer when we left. It was gone really quick. We left shortly after the beer was gone (around 9ish) I�d say.

We rented more movies and got Subway. Not even halfway through the first movie, I pass out. I wok up a little later, got sick, ate the rest of my sub and watched the rest of the movie. I can�t believe I get sick from alcohol now. I never used to and I used to drink a HELL of a lot more than I do now�..

Anyway, this is my last day of work this week. I took vacation days tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Let me tell you, I need a vacation away from this place (work).

Have a good rest of the week all. You�ll hear from me again on Monday.

missdahling at 6:27 p.m.