May. 21, 2004

Banana Republic Dress

I ordered my dress for Adam's cousin's wedding. At first I didn't really like the dress, but it's really growing on me. I didn't like somply because it wasn't the dress that I originally wanted. The one that I wanted was out of stock, so I had to choose another one. This one is def. growing on me. It is really pretty, colorful, nice length; very appropriate for a wedding, but yet stylish as well. I hope noone else is wearing the same one. I ordered it from Banana Republic.

I'm still deciding what I should do with my hair. I'm thinking of just letting it down, but curling all of it. I'll have to try it out some night this week to see how it looks. I want to look gorgeous next Saturday because a lot of Adam's friends whom I never met before are going to be there.

I need a new purse and heels....very high heels; stilettos would be perfect. Oh yeah, and a strapless bra. I have two of them but neither one fits me that well.

Tonight I'm staying in because Adam works from 8 am - 3:30 am. Poor baby. He has such a long day ahead of him. I pity him so bad. Plus, I'm not going to get to spend much time with him tomorrow. I cannot wait until he gets weekends off. I'm excited because then we have the entire weekend to ourselves. We can go on trips, or just be with each other. Whatever we do, it will be nice.

I can't believe I still have twenty minutes left of work. I wanna leave now. Wish I could ...

missdahling at 9:18 p.m.