Apr. 16, 2004

Summer 2001

After smoking last night, and sitting at home by myself, I picked up my cell phone and started calling people. My cousin Lindsay didn't answer her phone, but she called me back this afternoon.

Lindsay is a year younger than I am and is going to college at Bloomsburg. Talking to her made me miss so many things .... mainly about when I was a summer freshman there.

It was the absolute funnest summer of my entire life so far. I remember it so well too (the parts when I was sober anyway). The night before I went I remember crying on the phone to Liz and Mer because I did not want to go. I was convinced that I was going to hate it and that I wouldn't have any friends.

Summer freshman moved in on a Sunday. The second Sunday in June (2001) I believe. My roommate, who I had never met before, had gotten there before me. So I was left with the bed closest to the door. It was such a hassle moving my belongings in. I didn't like the fact that I was moving into a strange place for the entire summer.

Orientation was so boring and put everyone, parents included, into a bad mood. At lunchtime, it was so crowded we could hardly get a seat to sit down and eat in. The lines were out the doors of the building and it was hot outside.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of more orientation shit.

Once everyone was pretty much moved into their dorms, we had even more orientation. This time, the kind where they would break students up into small groups and make them play games. The only people I remember who were in my group were Matt B. (went to my frist party with him), Adam S. (from my high school), and this girl named ? ( who was friends with my ex- b/f's wife). Upperclassmen talked with us and made us play these ridiculous games. They called them Owls. I thought they were such dorks.

I was so glad when orientation was over. It was finally time to relax and get somewhat used to this new atmosphere that I was in. I took a shower that night, got to know my roommate, Taryn a little bit. We fell asleep watching VH-1 - Monster Ballads. It was some countdown. So, I dozed off listening to 'More Than Words' by Extreme.

It was all new to me, and if I only knew the what that summer had in store for me...but there is no possible way that I could sum it up in one entry. it was a summer of craziness, drama, debauchery, and fun. It was wild, boring, annoying, and sad all in one ... but now, looking back, I loved every minute of it.

missdahling at 9:17 p.m.