Apr. 18, 2004

Red Lobster - - Great Day

It was a long day yesterday, but oh my god, it was soooo much fun. Adam set the alarm for 11 am which is super early for the both of us. Surprisingly, we both got up and got ready to go to Red Lobster. While I was in the shower, he decided that he would call off work later. That meant that I would be spending the whole day with him.

Before Red Lobster I smoked. He did not. For me, the carride to Williamsport was enjoyable. We stopped at the mall before we went to eat. I bought the cutest, pink purse (Nine West). I love it. He bought a couple of rings from Pac Sun.

I was soooo hungry when we got to Red Lobster, so why is it that when my food came I hardly ate a thing? I get way too full way too fast. I had two frozen, strawberry margaritas that tasted very good. I had never had a frozen one before. I wish I could order those whenever I went out to drink.

By the mall, there is a track where you can bet on horse races. We stopped there to check it out. We didn't bet on anything, because we weren't really sure how to. Maybe once we look over the brochures we brought home, then we'll understand it better.

At Pier 1, I saw these cute candles holders that I needed. I got votive candles to put in them too. He bought them for me. He's so great.

On our way home, we stopped at The Bull Run Inn for a drink. I had a strawberry daquiri. I liked going there. The bar was really nice and there were Bucknell students all over. It was so different from the places we usually go to. A nice change.

When we got back into Sunbury/ Norry, we decided to go to the Social Club. There, I had a beer and 2 fuzzy navals. Adam made the comment that I drank more than I ate yesterday. And actually, it's true.

I dropped him off in Norry to play cards and I went home and dozed off. He called a couple of times and I didn't even hear my phone ringing. I must have been out.

The end of my day with him consisted of smoking, watching a movie, and having sex. Not a bad end to a great day if I do say so myself. He told me that I looked very beautiful, and very classy yesterday (he thinks some of my clothes aren't that classy). We kissed each other goodnight, told each other that we loved one another, and went to sleep.

Why can't everyday be like that? I want to have fun like that everyday. I love him more than words can describe.

missdahling at 10:51 a.m.