Apr. 15, 2004

Family Planning

Adam was pissed off about yesterday afternoon when he got home last night. We hadn't talked all night. Neither one of us called the other. I guess we were both too hard headed. Whenever things like that happen, he always passes out and I have a very hard time getting back to sleep.

I got around three hours of sleep last night. Lucky me. I wasn't that tired though. I went to Family Planning this morning without even saying goodbye to him. At Family Planning, I had to update my income info. It was either say that I still live with my parents and have them figure out my bill based upon everyone who works out of the five members of my family, or tell them that I moved and combine Adam and I's info. I guestimated the income of both him and I together as around $18,000.00. My visit today was $50.00 and my pills will be $18.00 per pack. I liked it better when the stuff was free. At least I am healthy and the appointment went well. That's all I am concerned about.

Adam and I made up after I got home from the Dr.'s. We sort of made a joke of it. I love him...but you've heard that many times before. Still; it never gets old saying it. I smoked (he didn't) and then went we went to Front Street Station for lunch. It was nice...the food was good (we both had fetticcino alfredo) and I was stoned so I was extra hungry. Seems we never go out to lunch together because of how our work schedules conflict.

It seems like I have been eating all day...Adam had a pizza delivered to my work a little while ago. I know that I am going to get fat. I hope my metabolism keeps me happy like it has been doing for the past 21 years.

I cannot wait until Adam gets home from work tonight.

missdahling at 9:06 p.m.