Apr. 14, 2004

Awoken With a Kiss

Last night after work I went back to the apt. and smoked. Then I met Adam and Squig (a guy who comes into Adam's job) at the Social Club. We didn't stay too long; only long enough for one beer.

The Rescue's has been like a foreign place to us lately. We haven't been going there because Adam works five nights a week. It was still early, so the place was dead. He waits to tell me that this other guy at the Social Club who I was sitting next to was John G.'s grandfather. He said,"Yeah, I was going to tell you it was his grandpa, but I know you hooked up with John. I was pissed off about that." Yeah, I hooked up with him 2 years ago this month actually. Weird.

Surprise, surprise, we stopped at the Eagle's. Jeremy was bitching about politics....noone was listening. Nothing new there I suppose.

So it was an early night. We were home by I think two o'clock. Not bad at all .

This morning I actually woke up around 11:30. I still too lazy to get a shower. I actually heard Adam wake up so I was half asleep when he layed next to me and tried to wake me up with a kiss. I love being woke up like that.

We had a quickie before it was time for me to go to work. That was also nice. Sometimes sex in the middle of the day just hits the spot.

I thought my day was off to a wonderful start, but this afternoon Adam got pissed off or annoyed (one of the two) because I kept calling him. I called him like, 2 or three times to ask him various questions. They weren't important or anything and I probably could have waited to talk to him about it later, but he didn't need to yell at me. When I called him back to confront him about yelling at me, he said,"Well, why do you keep calling me and asking stupid questions?!" Then he said he had to go. Just as he was saying it, :::CLICK::: I hung up. That was that. Haven't talked to him since. I had my phone off for a few hours. I'm not dwelling on it though. I'm not mad anymore. I hope he isn't either.

missdahling at 9:43 p.m.