Jun. 23, 2004


I had the most amazing sex last night.

We were sitting in bed and I was changing into pajamas. I didn't put the bottoms on because well, I don't know why. I was lazy and Adam said that he liked me not wearing pants so I kept them off.

Then he asked if I'd like to 'sit on his face'. Yes, he asked in those exact words. I did and smoked finished smoking my cigarette while he was eating me. Then I decided that it was time to smoke another bowl so I jumped off of him and told him to start packing it.

He looked that at me with a shocked, but cute little expression on his face and said,"Is that what I get?!" haha ... I said yes. He pondered for a moment and then turned to me and said,"I will pack a bowl, but you have to suck my dick." He was already turning me on (eating me out too) just by talking to me that way.

I did suck it. Fair's fair, right?

He managed to spill the bag but said he didn't mind that he did. hehe. He also said he should have taken more time packing it. It was nice, I stopped the blow job and said,"Excellent ... it's packed." Then he replied with,"Excellent...yes it was..."

He handed me the bowl and told me that I could 'sit down'. Oh ok , I thought. Sounds good to me. :-)

I don't know if you've ever had sex and smoked a bowl at the same time, but if you haven't; try it!

We were very vocal, telling each other how good it felt and moaning. It was fucking, but yet making love at the same time. It is possible too. I used to think that it was either straight fucking, or love making. Plain and simple. I was wrong ...

While he was doing me from behind he told me to tell him how much I loved him. With each thrust moaned that I loved him. I said it more and more the harder he would thrust.

We stopped once to take a sip of water and then another time because we were out of breath. I told him that I was hot and he said,"How 'bout I turn the air conditioner on high and then we can fuck some more?" No problems there! I wanted that air pronto.

We did fuck more. I was literally begging him to fuck me. Begging him to fuck me harder, harder, harder.

When he finished we just layed there and caught our breaths. It was great. I felt great. So did he and that's the most important thing. I love making him happy.

What a night. It was absolutly euphoric.

missdahling at 9:11 p.m.