Jun. 29, 2004

Dull Girl

All of our laundry is finished. yay. I did the last couple of loads last night at mom and dad's. They were out of town visiting my sister's college for orientation so they weren't even home. I did laundry until 2. Watched tv while waiting for it to be done. It's been awhile since I've seen tv....we still haven't gotten cable hooked up. I don't really miss tv either, surprisingly.

Adam and I have been looking for weed for the past few days but noone has had anything. It sucks. Everything is bone dry. Dry as the Sahara. blah. We smoked the tiniest bit of weed that we had left which turned out to be a bowl. I caught a nice little buzz off of it but it didn't last very long unfortunatly.

My back ached a bit when I woke up this morning. Probably from lying flat on the bed on my stomach with my ass as high in the air as it would go. Sex felt so good. I love that position but had never tried it with Adam until last night. We were in that position for most of the time. He said that 'he didn't know I liked that shit and I was a dirty girl. That's right. He can talk to me that way all he wants. It's hot. Very, very hot.

I don't know what I'm going to do tonight since we don't have any trees.

'all work and no weed makes Jennifer a dull girl'

missdahling at 9:25 p.m.