May. 12, 2004

Big Fish

Sorry for the lack of updates. I am alive and living. Just haven�t had the motivation to write. I don�t know why; lazy I suppose.

Yesterday Adam and I were very tired when we woke up, so we took the day off. I absolutely love taking �sick days�. We sleep in very late, then take our time getting ready so we can go out. Of course we have to be careful as to what bars we go to. We wouldn�t want to see anyone from our places of employment. No, that would not be good.

Last night we went to the Goodwill�s. Something new �. It was nice. Then we went to Danley�s because Harry was working. Finally, we ended up at the Eagle�s. For not wanting to go out at all, I think the two Bud Light�s and two shots of Doc were sufficient enough. Seriously, I didn�t want to go out, but Adam somehow talked me into it. I actually did have a nice time.

We came home and smoked. We started watching the movie �Big Fish�. I was a little confused by it, but I think once I watch it in it�s entirety, I will like it. We then had sex and were in bed by 1 am�. That is a record for us.

Other news ���..

Adam and I fought on Friday night. What it was about was not important, but I told him the next morning that I was not going out on Friday nights anymore. I told him the next day that I was tired of ending up in tears at the end of the night. I explained that I didn�t want to feel that way anymore. We made up; both apologized and without actually saying it, persuaded me to try the Friday night thing one more time.

I can tell that he is trying not to make mountains out of molehills when we go out. I was shown that last night, and Sunday night at the Rescue�s as well. I am glad too.

Last night at Danley�s I was introduced to a guy who knows Adam�s dad well. Adam gestured to me, then said to the guy,�This is Harry�s future daughter in law.�

Future daughter in law �. Will that be me someday? Only time will tell �.


missdahling at 3:35 p.m.