Apr. 12, 2004

Easter Dinner

I had to do it .... I shopped on Saturday and bought a few new things. I didn't spend a lot of money though. First off, I got my eyebrows waxed. that was a necessity. I also got a pair of pin striped pants, new dress shoes, and a black skirt. I wanted to buy more, but I really couldn't spend the money.

It was hard getting myself up yesterday for Easter dinner because I got drunk on Saturday night and didn't leave the bar until 5am. I had smoked before I went so I was high for awhile. I had a couple of shots and some beer. I actually had a good time. Nicole had some friends come too because it was the one girl's birthday. A few of Adam and Matt's friends from Bloom were home for Easter, so they drank too. I hadnt seen them in ahwile.

Adam and I went to sleep around 7 I think. When I woke up at 10:30, I remember saying to him,"Why do I have to get up? It seems like I just went to sleep." I was tired.

Dinner at Adam's grandparent's was nice. The food was really good. I ate and got very full. For the most part, I knew everyone who was there. I met Adam's Aunt Diane, Uncle ?, and his cousins Aaron and Ben. We didn't stay for too long because we wanted to go home and take a nap. We got home but ended up not sleeping.

I didn't get a nap until later that night at my parent's house after I ate. I slept on the couch until about 10. My mom is so nice...she made me an Easter basket with candy. How cool is that .... I am 21 years old, moved out of the house, and she still gives me an Easter basket. As much as I complain about my parents, I really do love them.

Last night I was feeling so lazy. I didn't feel like doing much at all. I got in the mood to straighten our bedroom up, so I did that. Clutter actually annoys me. I'm usually just too lazy to do anything about it. I started a movie that I rented (Mona Lisa Smile) after I was done cleaning up. I didn't get through half of it though because Adam calls and says that work is reall slow. He wanted me to come down and hang out until he closed.

I don't think I was even there for ten minutes when Adam's cousin Angela calls him. Apparently her friends ditched her while they were at the Vault because she was annoying everyone. Well, she annoys me too. She needed a place to sleep, so Adam told her that she could stay at our house. yay. lucky us. Since she was there, we had to sit at the bar way longer than planned.

I got sick of waiting so I went to Cheryl's and smoked with them because Megan had called me anyway.

When I got home, Adam and Angela still weren't home so I had to wait for them. They finally got back to the house at about twenty after three. Why couldn't we have just waited for Angela to meet us at the bar and then went right home? ? ? It doesn't make sense to me.

Whatever....anyway, they got home and Adam, Matt and I smoked. Angela was going to smoke, but she was in the bathroom throwing up the whole time. Eww...

I don't NOT like Angela, but I'm not too fond of her. She was talking shit about everyone; including one of the sister's best friends whom I have also known my whole life. There is just something about her that I don't care for at all. Oh yeah, and she is fat. HA

I am so mean.... I don't mean to be a bitch, really....

missdahling at 5:44 p.m.