Jun. 14, 2004

Liz's Birthday Party

Interesting weekend....way too short, but also way too long if that makes sense.

It started off great. I got drunk on Friday night. A co-worker, two of her friends, Adam and I went to the Den for drinks. I had a couple of rum and cokes and a couple of shots. I drank, but not too much in too little time like I did last week. It was a decent amount for me though.

Adam and I stopped at Danley's for a drink, then went home. I was surprised to find a twenty dollar bill taped to my bedroom door which was put there by Malone (he owed me some money). I looked at it and saw that he had written my name on it. I walk into the hallway where Adam and Malone were talking. I look at them and proclaim,"This is my dollar!! My very own....because it has MY name on it." I then turned on one heel and walke back into my room. haha.

I love being drunk. I like it when Adam and I are both drunk too. However, I do not like it when one of us is so fucked up that we can't have sex. As you can probably tell, I'm leading up to the fact that we both kind of passed out after smoking a bowl.

Saturday morning I woke up hung over. Not a good thing when I had plans with Liz and Heather to go to King of Prussia. I wasted about twenty five minutes of getting ready time to try to make myself throwup. It was a lost cause. I sat by the tiolet and dry heaved. God, I hate that so much.

But I somehow managed to get myself together and awake enough to be ready by quarter after eleven. At Pizza Hut, I only ate a little more than one breadstick. I couldn't even smoke a whole cigarette. It just wasn't agreeing with my stomach.

One the way down to the mall, I sipped my water, relaxed and then felt better by the time we got there.

I wish I would have had more money to spend. One hundred and twenty dollars doesn't get you a whole lot.

Now I wish I would have saved that money because I just found out that my cell phone bill is $85.89. That is ridiculous. It has never been that high before. Fuck that. Also, my car insurance ($700.00) is due at the end of July. Plus, I still have to make my car payment, rent, and pay credit card bills. Money problems suck.

Liz's party was not fun at all. My stomach was still turning from Friday night so I didn't feel like drinking. There were about thirty people in my house. Everyone was loud and very disrespectful. When we would tell them to keep the noise down, they wouldn't. I don't even think they tried. I almost kicked a kid out. I seriously wanted to grab his beer from his hand and tell him to get the fuck out of my house. You don't go into someone else's home and be cocky and rude. Especially when they are providing you with alcohol. Everyone was young, so maybe that's it. I used to be like that too, but I've grown up a lot. I felt bad for constantly telling everyone to be quiet but I didn't want the cops showing up at my door. It sucks being older and responsible. I sometimes wish I were younger and dumber again.

I also feel bad because I feel like I ruined Liz's birthday. I know she didn't have fun and that isn't really fair to her.

When all of our guests left, or should I say, got kicked out (the beer was gone by about quarter after one, so we told people they had to leave), I felt relieved. I was glad that everyone was out of my house. I got to finally relax. I had sex. Great sex.

Basically on Sunday I spent the entire day cleaning. For some weird reason I woke up at one pm and started picking up empty beer cans, dumping half full cans, etc. I even cleaned my bedroom too. And the bathroom. Scrubbed the shower, walls, sink, toilet....and it needed it too. Everything was filthy. Blah.

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