Feb. 19, 2004

Farewell Nick

Out with the coworkers last night. The Edison is where we went first. I got to the bar about 30 minutes after everyone else except Traci, who arrived shortly after me. Nick was already drunk when I arrived which is kind of funny because he was only on starting his second bottle of Smirnoff. Joe, Nick and I all took a shot while we were there. Gina, Shane, and Traci did not. I had to leave for a bit to make a trip to Vince's, but I was back within no time at all. We didn't stay at the Edison too long after that before we went to the Eagle's.

Let me tell you, my coworkers and I were the life of the party at the Eagle's. Traci didn't make it to the Eagle's, but everyone else did; even Nick who had to be to work at 8am this morning. Unfortunatly we couldn't stay at the Eagle's for very long because Adam wanted to get out of there. Malone and his girlfriend Nicole were there hanging out. She is really nice. I wouldn't mind hanging out with her again sometime. Malone somehow convinced Nick to take a shot of good old J.D with us...after that, Nick said that his ears were burning. It was funny. He didn't drink at Danley's.

Danley's was cool ... Adam's dad was tending bar. The most memorable thing at Danley's was Joe. He was pounding on the juke box yelling,"We need to find the song Brandy ! ! ! " Then he was yelling in the middle of the bar saying, well, I don't even remember. Gina's fiance, Lou drove to Danley's from Middleburg. I had never met him before, but he seemed nice. We were out of Danley's by about five minutes of two because we wanted to get to the Rescue's. At the Rescue's it was only Adam, Gina, Lou and I. Nick and Joe walked back to Nick's. It is only a block away but I am still surprised that they did not get hot by the train that was going down 4th street.

We met up with Malone and Nicole at the Rescue's. Hung out with Gina and Lou...then left at closing time. For some reason we took Sean (the guy who I used to fight with at Danley's) for a burn run with us. Interesting, and I will never do that again.

I stayed the night at Adam's last night. We had such amazing sex last night. My period is finally gone, so he went down on me. It felt so good...I was getting loud and I knew it too, but did not care one bit. Adam kept saying that if I was quiet, we could keep doing it. He took my hand and put it between my legs while he was inside of me and said,"feel that.." I playfully said,"feel what?" and he replied by saying,"feel us together." It was so great. We had sex for a good amount of time. I told him I wanted him and he said,"You're gonna get me soon, I'm gonna cum inside of you." When he did, my body went limp. I was so exhausted.

I had a really fun night, but was so tired when it was time to wake up.

P.S. Adam cut his hair and shaved his beard. he looks so cute !

missdahling at 6:01 p.m.