Feb. 23, 2004


Friday night :Danley's with Brandon and Adam. I was in a mediocre mood. A fight broke out at Danley's and I was not in the mood to deal with that shit. I was sitting there asking myself why I came. The Rescue's was better ....

Adam and I got a hotel. That was not fun at all. He passed out while I was smoking a bowl and we ended up sleeping in separate beds. I wanted to cy myself to sleep, but didn't. Screw it.

Saturday : Left the hotel, then went home to shower. I went back to the hotel. This time it was more fun. We smoked a bowl that got us a high as kites. One bowl and we were both so stoned. Can't beat that. We didn't have sex on Friday night, but that Saturday afternoon we did. I guess it all equals out.

We went to the Edison because I was hungry. I ended up drinking a few margaritas and I was feeling good. I dropped Adam off at work, then went to Liz's. We were still fucked up. Liz, Heather and I went to Stefanie's and drank, then came home and watched American Wedding. Stiffler ! ! !

I went to the Eagle's later that night. I scrounged up a bowl pack and got high in the bathroom. We stayed at Adam's that night.

Sunday : We got in a fight because his dad and Elmer were being perverts and I was instagating it, supposedly. Whatever...he got over it and apologized. Harry was telling me about his daughter and how she stayed at his house and wanted to make a campsite. Adam heard bits and pieces of the conversation and thought that his dad wanted to make a campsite with me. How silly is that! He actually called his dad and flipped out.

Oh well, at least when I left the Eagle's and went to Liz's, I had something to talk about. We layed around and watched tv for hours but it was nice just relaxing. Except for when I went all the way to Sheetz to buy a lighter that I've been wanting.

She thought I was crazy and I am.

Later that night I went to the Rescue's and then Vince's. Adam is going on antibiotics and will be totally straight edge for 10 whole days. No drinking ... probably no smoking either.

After smoking, we went back to his house. I pet Benji, then we went upstairs. Sex was awesome. He did all the right things to make me feel good. I had my feet in the air by his head and he said,"Gimme your foot." I loooove having my feet tickled, licked, bitten, whatever. Felt awesome. When we were 69 ing, he smacked my ass...another thing that I love. And when he was finished, he finished inside of me. ah, bliss...

And the thing that I love most is when he tells me he loves. I love it because I know that he means it.

missdahling at 8:36 p.m.