Feb. 17, 2004


I had an excellent time last night. I hung out at Vince's for no more than about 30 minutes. I went to Danley's after smoking, then the Rescue's. Adam's dad came to the Rescue's so we got to hang out with him.

He came insdide of me again last night. He told me that he was going to cum and asked where I wanted it, just like before. I retorted the question back to him and he thrust inside me and said,"Right there's where I want it."

It sort of makes me nervous knowing that he is coming inside of me, but as long as I take my pills, we should be okay :::knock on wood:::

I took him to work this morning after we woke up, then had to go home and get ready for work myself. My mother sat me down at the table and said that she had found rolling papers in my room. She talked about how drugs can ruin your life, she talked about the trouble that Megan and Jacob got in, etc. She started to cry and I felt bad. She told me that her and dad never thought they'd have so many problems with us. Things are so different from what they used to be ...

missdahling at 9:52 p.m.