Feb. 27, 2004

Left Eye

There is something majorly wrong with my left eye. This evening, it staryed to really hurt. First, I let it go to see if it would clear up. When it didn't, I put a drop of visine in it. The visine made it even worse. For awhile, I could hardly stand to look at the computer screen because it was too bright. It seems to be a bit better in dimly lighted areas. It hurts when I blink and I can't really open it very wide either. This sucks.

I don't feel like going out, but I am. If my eye keeps feeling like this, I am going to be bitchy because of 1)my eye will hurt like hell and 2)I am not going to feel like dealing with the whole bar scene. Adam and I were supposed to have a nice, relaxing night at home this evening, but noooo; he wants to go out now. I really don't want to be out late. This had better be an early night.

I cannot fucking deal with this. First, I need to get out off work. I was ready to leave about five hours ago. Ten more minutes .... the time cannot move quickly enough at this point. Alright, I guess that's enough complaining.

missdahling at 9:43 p.m.