Feb. 26, 2004


After work last night I went to Liz's and hung out with her and Heather for a bit. Liz, Heather, Nicole and I are going to King of Prussia next Friday. An all day shopping trip with the girls. This will be fun. When I hung out with Nicole last night, she said that she is def. coming with us.

I'm not going to have a whole lot of money to spend at the mall though. I need $200.00 for my part of the security deposit the first week of March because we are moving into ur new house. Adam, Malone and Nicole toured it today (I couldn't because I worked) and they said it was really awesome. It has two bedrooms, two livingrooms, an attic that is all fixed up, and of course kitchen, bathroom, the essentials. I don't know if it is furnished or not. So, $400.00 per month divided by 4 people. Plus utilities. It won't be bad I don't think. The most I would have to pay per month would be $300.00 ?

I am excited and nervous about this house. Nicole and I were talking about how we are going to decorate. We are doing the bathroom in cute rubber duckies. It's going to be cute. I get excited thinking about it.

My day has been less than great. Madison and friend woke me up this morning around 7. They were yelling, carrying on, doing things that kindergarteners do. I layed in bed until around 8:30/9 , then got up. I was still pissed that I got woken up, but somehow, afer having some breakfast and straightening up my room, I managed to go back to sleep.

After my little nap, I went to work in much better mood. That mood was shattered almost immediatly after I walked in the door. I am no longer allowed to park in the spot that I have been parking in since day 1. I had to move my car and park along the side of the street which is longer walk to the building that I work in. Srew that. I can park wherever I want.

Customers were very annoying today. However, I think I was calm and friendly to them while talking to them on the phone. I tried to keep my cool and I amazingly did a fantastic job.

Work is almost over, then I get to relax. I have a headache. I stress myself out too much, I know.

missdahling at 8:36 p.m.