Mar. 10, 2004

Bar Fight

I had the experience of going to a new bar last night. After Adam, three of his friends and I left Front Street Station, we got suckered into going to a bar called 'Bob's'. A dive bar, much like Danley's or Laughter's. Not a classy establishment, nor are there classy people there. We didn't stay for too long. We were only there for a drink or two. As we were leaving, this random guy says to me....

"Hey, where are you going?"

Me: "I'm going with them." (then I motion towards Adam and his friends and start walking out the door.)

"Tell that bitch to get back here !!" the random guy yells.

Adam walked out the door with me but his friends I guess asked who the random guy was calling a bitch (me). One thing led to another and a fight broke out in the parking lot. Three of Adam's friends against that one dude. Because of me. Adam and I were just spectators watching from the car. I'm so glad he didn't get involved. So, I cause bar fights ... whoa.

Against my will, we went to the Eagle's after showing Jeremy and Adam H. our new house and smoking. I get sick of the Eagle's. We're there all the time. I'd like a break from it once in awhile.

By this point Adam was pretty damn wasted. Sometimes when he gets really, really drunk he starts being mean to me. We got into a conversation about how I wanted to wait until we were settled in a little bit more to have people over. He got fired up over this for some reason. In a sarcastic, mean tone, he said,"FINE . We'll just have our friends over and you can sit there and be a ....."

Bitch is what he was going to say.

This hurt my feelings last night and they were still hurt today. I'm not feeling this whole get together. I wish I were, but I'm not. I don't really want to go, but it's my house so I guess I should make an appearance. I was thinking about it, and why would I want to attend after he basically implied that I was going to be a bitch and just sit there. Another thing is that I'm afraid he's going to be thinking irrationally due to the alcohol tonight and be mean to me again.

I told him today when I talked to him that I didn't understand why he had to say mean things and hurt my feelings. And I don't understand....not at all ....

What is wrong with me ? I seem to be getting upset over every little thing lately. I almost have to force myself to have fun. I feel so lame.

missdahling at 7:23 p.m.