Apr. 05, 2004

Not So Appealing

The weekend was typical. I spent three hours at the Eagle's on Friday night. I didn't want to be there, but I stuck it out. After all, I did receive twelve roses.

On Saturday I went to Alexander's and got my new car. I had to take out a personal loan from the bank for 36 months. For 36 months, I will make payments of $50.00 / month. My monthly car payment goes down from $300.00 / month to $250.00. This car is a silver Oldsmobile Alero (yr. 2003 , 16,000 miles on it). I made out. It was a good deal. I am thankful to my dealer that he could work out such a great buy on the car. My Honda was a '99 and my payments were $300 / month. I kinda miss the civic. I didn't even have that car an entire year. I got it last July. The dent was still in the hood from when Adam and I had sex on it back in early Sept. What memories ...

Megan, Lindsay, and Julia stopped by the apartment on Saturday night. We had a few beers, had a few laughs, it was fun. I wish they would come over more often. I like hanging out with them.

It was nice that Adam had off work all day on Sunday. He took seventh place in the poker tournement that he participated in. Seventh out of forty isn't bad at all. I was proud.

Bender made a weed delivery on his way back to Dominoes. Service....that's what I like. I smoked while Adam slept ; well, passed out drunk is what I should say I guess. Then, I too took a nap. I was kind of pissed off because when we woke up, he decides to go to the Eagle's for a beer instead of hanging out with me. We spend the day sleeping and then he leaves for about 2 hours. He was gone, so I smoked by myself in our room. I didn't turn on the stereo, didn't put in a dvd either. I just sat on the floor and continued to smoke and think about ridiculous things. On top of my stereo, I have a fluffy, white, small, stuffed cat. For some reason, my stoned mind decided to think of Puff Daddy or P- Diddy. P-Diddy ... P-Kitty ! I thought that was the funniest thing ever. What an idiot I am.

I got to hang out with Adam a little bit after we smoked upstairs with Malone, Nicole, and this other guy who Malone works with. We didn't hang out for that long though....we layed around and then had sex. We were in bed by three which is early for us.

We went to bed early last night and we were also up very early. The alarm went off at 8:20 and we were out the door about an hour later. We paid the rent; which was due on Friday! , and did laundry.

We used my laundry basket and Adam's too. He first had to dump some stuff out of it in order to use it for our clothes. There were a few random things on the bottom of it but we were still able to use it. While he was putting clothes in the dryer, I noticed a couple of pictures in the basket. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Adam pick one of them up and look at it. It was a picture of him with Nicole sitting on his lap. No big deal. I didn't think anything of it. I didn't know that there were any more pix, but obviously there were. I was in the car and saw a picture fall onto the floor. I was pissed when I glanced at this picture, but I didn't say a word about it and I'm not going to. Even though the girl's face wasn't seen, I am 95% sure that it was Nicole. It was a picture of her chest. She had her shirt and bra pulled down so that her boobs were hanging out. No nipples were showing , but still. He doesn't even have pictures of me of that sort. It pissed me off and upset me that he would have a picture like that. I know that she is Malone's girlfriend, but I am sorry, that just brings horrible thoughts to my mind. If he found a picture like that in my belongings he'd have my head. If he has a picture like that of her, who else does he have pictures of ? ? ? I hate thinking about his past with other girls. I know, I know, I should talk....

Anyway, he didn't know that the picture had fallen on the floor of my car, so when I went to work today I took the fucking picture, tore it up into very small pieces and threw it away. I am so tempted to take the other picture of him and her that I saw ( and any others for that matter) and do the same thing to each and every one, just out of pure spite.

Stupid fucking whore.

missdahling at 5:12 p.m.