Apr. 02, 2004

A Dozen

I had a nice dinner with my family last night. My mom made spagetti, rolls, and salad. Since I've moved out, I realized that I appreciate my family a lot more. I actually like being around them but I am glad that I don't live there anymore.

Today Adam had flowers delivered to my work. My dad did the arrangement and it is absolutly beautiful. A dozen roses in a vase with babies breath and greens .... lovely. I was so happy to get them. It was such a great surprise. It made my day. They are sitting on my desk at work and will stay there until they die....something pretty to look at while I take calls from idiotic, asshole customers.

I love him soo much. He is so good to me. I can't think of any other guy who has ever treated me so well.

Yes, the only two more minutes left at this hell-hole (a.k.a. work) and them the weekend has officially started !!!

missdahling at 9:44 p.m.