Mar. 04, 2004

Drunk Off of White Russians

I drank white russians last night and they got me drunk. This couple who comes into the Eagle's hosts karaoke at Stephanie's every Wed. night and Liz suggested that we go. She got to see Chris and I got free drinks. Pretty sweet deal if ya ask me.

While I was there, I was talking to Matt's g/f Erika (they hang out with Chris). She goes to beauty school and they only charge $1.00 / nail to get them filled. That is way better than paying $20.00. I'm going to try empire this week. My nails are due to be filled.

Anywho...Stephanie's was fun. Some of te singers were good, others weren't. Once I had a few drinks in me, I wanted to sing. however, we weren't there that long and there was already a list of people waiting to take the stage so I didn't really have the time. If I got the mic, you probably couldn't take it away from me. It's funny what alcohol does alter one's mind.

When I left Stephanie's I had a nice buzz going on, but didn't realize how much of a buzz until I got to the Eagle's. Adam was like,"How much did you drink tonight?"

We hung out there with this lady named Cheryl. Just drinking and they played pool.

We all went to the Rescue's...that was the same as usual.

Adam and I got back to his house and suggested that I stay over. Fine by me. Of course I talked to Benji about ridunkulous things...I don't even know what I said to him. That dog is so great to talk to when you're fucked up.

As soon as I sat down on the bed Adam started taking my clothes off. He 'stole' them as he called it. I played along. I thought he was going to rip my scalp off when I was giving him head. He was pulling my hair so hard. It was great. He told me that we had to go slow because the bed is squeaky. I didn't really listen, I wanted to fuck him and I wanted to fuck him hard.

I was drunk , so I remember feeling good but don't totally remember all of it. He went down on me a little ... I was on top ,... he had me on my back and told me to spread my legs apart, put my knees by my head and grab onto my feet with my hands. That felt really good . I liked doggie style. My ass was so high in the air , he loved it. Sex is such a great thing...especially with someone you love.

missdahling at 9:07 p.m.