Mar. 08, 2004

Shopping Spree

On Friday I called off work to go shopping with Liz and Heather at King of Prussia. The lie being that I was on my way to Phillie because my grandfather was sick. It wasn't really a lie ... he was sick about a month ago and King of Prussia mall is near Phillie. That helped to ease my conscious a little bit. We made good time going down. Only two hours. We were shopping by 1 pm. I had so much fun. That mall is so big and has so many stores. I was in heaven. I called Adam after I had made my first purchases at Abercrombie Kids. Yes, I fir into kids clothes. Here is the list of items that I bought and their prices.

Abercrombie : Jeans - $40.00

Famingo Tee - $20.00

Skirt � $30.00

Green and White striped shirt - $20.00

Hollister : Striped Tank - $20.00

Orange Skirt - $30.00

Shorts - $20.00

Express : Turquoise tee - $20.00

Purple stretch shirt - $30.00

Old Navy : Henley tee - $15.00

Bang Bang : Pink Skirt - $20.00

Weathervane : Purse � Free w/ gift card

Fossil : Purse - $30.00

I spent about $300.00 and it doesn�t even seem like I got that much clothing�.Before summer starts, I need to make another trip to the mall or order clothing offline. This is just getting started. I don�t even have half the stuff that I want.

On the way home from the mall I took a little nap because I was tired and new that Adam and I were going out when I got back. We actually didn�t stay out for very long. At each place we stopped, we were there for only one drink. We went to Stephanie�s, then to Ruby Tuesday�s. It was nice going to Ruby Tuesday because we don�t usually go there. Plus, it was not crowded at all. After shopping all day, I didn�t want to deal with a whole lot of people. We of course went to Danley�s�the usual crowd was there. We visited Malone at the Eagle�s and then went home.

It was pretty relaxing actually. I missed him while I was away.

I spent some time with my family on Saturday night. All except for Megan, who is in De Bois with Julia. We went to Applebee�s for dinner. The food was good too. I drove there myself so that I could hang out with Liz afterwards.

Like we always do on Saturday nights, we went to Stephanie�s. I drank 3 fuzzy navals and a shot of doc. Adam calls me while I�m there and asks if I would pick up Gimino in Bloom so that he could go to Karaoke at the Eagle�s. I was a little perturbed at this because earlier in the afternoon he got pissed off at the fact that I didn�t have the time to bring him his cologne before I went to Applebee�s. I was already late. When I told him that, he hung up on me. Well, I called him right back and told him not to hang up on me. Needless to say, I wasn�t thrilled when he asked me to drive all the way to Bloom. I said no at first, then thought about it, called him back and said that I would do it.

I drove to Bloom around 9:30 and was there by 10. The stipulation for me picking him up was that he had to get me high. Not a problem in his book. Had drove back to the Eagle�s because I was already drunk and I smoked a bowl on the way to Bloom, then another bowl when I got there.

I ended up having a really good time at the Eagle�s. Karaoke was fun. Gimino practically got a standing ovation when he sang �I drink alone� by George Thoroughgood. He wasn�t feeling the Eagle�s at first, but then he got used to it. It is a little awkward your first couple times there because the people in there are older and uh, to put it bluntly, lower class. I drank some more. Not a lot, but I think my alcohol consumption was 3 bottles of coors light, a shot of jack and 2 shots of doc. Okay, that is a lot for me. I�m a light weight now so I was fucked up.

Someone sang the song �Amazed� by Lone Star. Adam called me over to the bar and asked if I wanted to dance. I got behind the bar and danced with him. It was so sweet. He had to get back to work, but I wish we could have danced longer.

We didn�t get out of the Eagle�s until 5am. I was still fucked up. I got sick in the bathroom after the last two people left. What a night.

There is nothing like having sex at 6am. I was so tired. He wanted it and I gave it to him. It was well worth it though. My period is supposed to come tomorrow, by the way.

I went to my interview yesterday at the Eagle�s. I was only there for twenty minutes. I go back on the 21st to get sworn in. My parents are like,�Why do you need to become a member of the Esgle�s?�

I finally told my parents that I was moving out. Talk about last minute�Adam signed the lease today around 1. My parents weren�t thrilled, but they know that it is happening. It needs to happen. I can�t stay at my house any longer. I just hope this all works out with roommates and all. During college, I lived with Taryn, and that went well, but people are different. Who knows if my personality will clash with Malone or Nicole. We all get along fine now�.

What about my bills ? I owe Adam about $50.00 to pay the rest of my rent. I already gave him $200.00. I had no idea that my car insurance was due this month. That is an extra $375.00 for this month alone. I need $300.00 for my monthly car payment. If I wouldn�t have gone shopping I would have had the money. I guess I�ll come up with it some how �. I still want to find a second job.

Work is stressing me out today. It is busy. I can�t stand it. It took me over two hours to type this entry because we are so busy. Fuuuck !

missdahling at 3:39 p.m.