Mar. 03, 2004

Chestnut Street

Everything was lowkey last night. Adam placed 3rd in the poker tournament that he was in. Adam R.'s dad came in first ... No need to say more.

I picked him up and then we went to Vince's. We smoked on the way to the Eagle's, then went inside for a drink. That's right, A drink. They were going down slow for Adam since he had quite a bit to drink before I even picked him up.

We went to Laughter's for A drink after that. The place was pretty beat. Including Adam and I, there were only 4 other people in there including the bartender. I don't know what possessed me to suggest we go there. Something different... I get tired of going to the same places all of the time.

At Danley's we each had a drink. Surprisingly Danley's was pretty beat too. There were a hell of a lot more people there than there was at Laughter's, but Danley's is usually more lively. I'm not complaining though. I hate the bullshit that goes on there sometimes.

We basically just went to the Rescue's to get something to eat. Actually, we each only had one drink there too. Be proud of me, I didn't let Adam drink any whiskey. He told me not to let him. I did a god job.

I was kind of beat when we got back to his house. Not too tired to have sex though. ;-)

The landlord called Adam this afternoon. We got the house on Chestnut street! That is great news!

I haven't seen the inside; just the outside. It has an attic that is fixed up. That's where Nicole and Malone will have their bedroom. Adam and I will sleep in the bigger bedroom of the two that is downstairs and the smaller one will serve as my closet. A whole closet for my clothing (and Nicole's)...that is any girl's dream. The house has a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and 2 livingrooms. Adam didn't get a chance to give me many details about what the landlord said, so he will fill me in later I'm sure. I wonder when we can move in..

2 more days and I will be at King of Prussia mall . Shopping spree !! can't wait.

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