Feb. 25, 2004

Our New House - Together

Adam and I stayed in last night...we smoked, then went to his house. We rented the DVD 'Ghost Ship'. Congratulations to me for choosing a creepy movie. Wasn't really scary ... just a little freaky. But anyhow, I had a nice, low-key night. I don't have too nany of those too often ...

I am definitly getting a house with Malone, Adam, and Nicole. Not sure when, not exactly sure where, but it is happening. Rent will be reasonable since there will be four of us living together. Do you know how long I've been waiting / dreaming about the day that Adam and I would move in together? The second summer (my summer freshman year) that Adam and I hung out, he lived in an apt. on Main St. in Bloom. We talked about me moving in, but we stopped talking . That's how things were back then. But now everything is different. Our relationship is much more stable.

I get along with Nicole really well too. We are so much alike . It's cool that our boyfriends are friends. We will all have fun in our new house. I cannot wait. Maybe Nicole and I can go shopping for household items like curtains and dishes and other shit like that. Sounds like we will be making a trip to Wal-Mart.

I have yet to tell my parents about this...I'm kind of nervous, but I know they want me out of the house. They can't deal with me anymore and I want my freedom from them. It will all work out...

missdahling at 2:39 p.m.