Mar. 23, 2004

Because I Love Him

Adam got pissed off at me last night. I don't know why either. I even think (although I'm not completly sure) that he was crying. :-(

I hate seeing him hurt, so I cried too. I tried to give him a kiss and he pulled away. I tried touching his hand, but he took my hand and placed it right back next to myself.

The only thing he said to me was,"Whatever I say to you is only going to upset you. I'm going to sleep and I probably won't even be mad in the morning."

I was still bent out of shape about it this morning, but he seemed okay.

From today on, I will try not to piss him off, or fight with him. I know that I can do this. How do I know that I cn do it? Because I love him, that's why.

missdahling at 5:19 p.m.