Mar. 22, 2004

Cherry Vodka and Sprite

We actually went somewhere other than the Eagle�s on Friday night. Amazing, I know. Well, that it a lie�.we DID go to the Eagle�s before AND after we went to the Edison where they had karaoke. There weren�t many people at the Edison, but it was still crowded because the place isn�t big enough to hold a lot of people. That was okay though. I liked that we were there.

Pauly and his friend were at the Eagle�s. Both of them came back to our place and smoked with us. His friend smoked too even though he is on parole. If cops harass him, he doesn�t know me! That�s what I�m concerned about.

We even went to the Rescue�s for one drink. Of course Adam didn�t want to be at the Rescue�s � he wanted to go back to the Eagle�s for only 2 more beers. Boo- hoo�. I have to give him credit though�.he did only have two and then we left; w/ Cheryl.

Went to the house and smoked with Cheryl. That is always so much fun. She is hilarious when she�s stoned. Just one of those people who always makes you laugh.

After giving her a ride home, Adam and I smoked more. I had gotten a quarter when I got off work that night so we had plenty of weed to smoke. It was great.

The sex we had was good. Slapping my ass turns me on A LOT. As does pulling me hair , but he doesn�t really do that anymore. He used to do that all of the time when he lived above Phillip�s Emporium. That was also about 3 years ago.

So, back to my weekend�.

I was dead tired Saturday. I slept/ layed in bed and smoked until it was time for Adam to go to work. Yeah, it�s nice waking up and being able to smoke a bowl or a cigarette, then laying around with Adam and having sex.

I was so tired that I almost didn�t want to hang out with my friends that night. I wanted to take a nap which I didn�t get to do until after they (Liz. Heather and Andrew) left. While they were there, we drank a little and had board game night. It was actually pretty fun. Clue : I used to love that game, but it just took too long the other night. Scattergories: Used to love it and still do. That�s that.

Adam came home at like, 9:30 on Sunday morning. I barely remember him coming in. Thank god I wasn�t at the bar until that time. I was content to stay home and sleep like most people do at that time.

He obviously slept all day Sunday.

It is official. I am an Eagle. I got sworn in yesterday afternoon. I got my membership card and key card. YaY ! Also, Adam told me that everyone at his work was saying good things about me last night. 

Sunday night wasn�t exciting. I took a 5 hour nap, showered and went to the Laundromat with Malone and Nicole. Doing wash is a pain in the ass. The Laundromat wasn�t all that disgusting looking, but god, I hated it. It was a pain lugging all of our laundry from the house to the car; from the car to the Laundromat; from the Laundromat to the car AGAIN; and finally, when Adam and Malone get to it, from the car to the house; AGAIN.

The fact that I actually went to the Laundromat and did my wash as well as Adam�s pissed me off because he wouldn�t get the clothes out of my car when he got home from work. Malone said that they would bring it in after he picked Adam up. It didn�t happen. I knew it wouldn�t.

That put me in a foul mood. He said that I was acting bitchy because I didn�t want to smoke upstairs. First of all, he didn�t really ask me to go up. He came in the room, grabbed the zong and left. When I asked where he was going, his response was,�Upstairs.� Fine, don�t hang out with me. After all, I hadn�t really got to hang out with him or talk to him the whole weekend. He even mentioned this later in the night after he was done smoking upstairs.

While Malone and him were upstairs, I was directly underneath of them smoking downstairs in our room; by myself.

It must be a crime to not want to smoke upstairs. My reasons are that : 1. it is cold upstairs. 2. the chairs are uncomfortable. 3. it�s too far to walk from downstairs

When Adam came back to our room, he acted fine�.he acted like he didn�t call me a bitch earlier. He acted like he didn�t slam the fucking bedroom door. Just thinking about this is literally making me cry right now. He layed down on the bed, asked if I wanted to smoke, so I said sure thinking that we were going to use his weed. Noooo �.we used mine. The nice � that I bought is almost gone already. I�m not buying anymore until next Thursday. Then it�s his turn to buy.

I wasn�t really in the mood to have sex with him last night after he acted like that, then pretended that nothing had happened. Pretended that we hadn�t been fighting�what shit. I had sex with him anyway. I also acted like nothing was wrong. That is also shit. Why does he have to hurt me? He sometimes hurts me even more than he knows.

I couldn�t believe he could just get into bed and start telling me how much he missed me and loved me, etc. Inside, I was still crying, but on the outside, I was my happy self. He pisses me off so bad sometimes. But I do love him anyway.

:::::S I G H::::::

missdahling at 5:13 p.m.