Feb. 16, 2004

My Boy Has Boils

I felt so bad last night ... I had to take Adam to the hospital last night after he got off work. He had what the doctors called, a boil. Adam described it as a huge pimple that needed popped. Friction is the cause of it and these are not an uncommon thing. This god damn boil was hurting him so bad. Once they popped it, he immediatly felt a difference which was good. He has to go back to the hospital tonight so they can drain it more. He will probably have to go back one more time after this to have more drained. I hate seeing him hurting. That was probably so uncomfortable for him.

Adam and Matt are getting an apartment on Front Street in about a month. Adam and I keep talking about how I should move in. I really want to, but am afraid that living with him will change things between us...I don't exactly know how, but I have heard of this happening when two people move in together. I think of the episode of Sex & the City where Aiden moves into Carrie's apartment. She gets annoyed with him, and to make a long story short, they eventually break up. I know that this is not television, but the situation could be the same. What if it is? But on the other hand, what if it isn't?

When you've known someone for three whole years, you begin to know them pretty well. Would I be able to stand living with him? Could I live with Matt? I need to know for sure that he wants to live with me, to share a bed with me, to basically share a lot of things with me....a good part of me says that we are ready for this step in our relationship; then again, a smaller part of me has concerns. I guess if I don't try it, I'll never know ...

missdahling at 9:32 p.m.