Mar. 18, 2004

Just Shoot Me

Snow pisses me off. Spring is supposed to be here ... I am tired of winter weather. It really does depress me. I can't help it. It snowed on Tuesday during the day, on and off yesterday, and now it is supposed to start again tonight. Wonderful. riiiiight.

On Tuesday night Adam and I actually decided to stay in. That doesn't happen too often. We smoked and played vodka pong. He won, but I didn't get my ass kicked too badly. My bottle of Skye is pretty much gone.

He belittled be in front of Malone and Nicole last night. Sometimes, when I say things, the words don't come out right. I end up sounding like a spoiled bitch. I said I was sorry, but he kept talking down to me.

"Impatience is not a good attribute."

If he doesn't like my attribute's, then ..... ?

He even got up, walked in a circle around me and said,"Look. We're all revolving around Jenn."

I sat there and tried not to burst into tears. What more could I do? I couldn't even talk, or come up with a comeback. If I tried to open my mouth to speak, tears would come out of my eyes instead.

Then I felt bad because he does so much for me. I appreciate him so much and he really doesn't deserve to be treated like shit. I think about him saying those things to me in the attic with Nicole and Malone looking dumbfounded and uncomfortable; and I don't feel so bad about things.

Maybe I am a spoiled bitch. So shoot me.

missdahling at 9:16 p.m.