Mar. 16, 2004

Am I Selfish?

I am in dier need of a shower. I guess one would start to feel gross and disgusting after not showering for two days...which I do feel that way; and yes, I have not bathed myself since Sunday. I sicken myself. I really do.

Why is it that when two people are having a conversation, a third person must feel the need to interrupt? That really irks me. It happened to me last night at the Eagle's when I was trying to talk to Adam. Granted, I wasn't saying anything of significant importance, but it was just the fact that I was trying to talk to him. The third person should have been more courteous, saw that we were conversing, and waited until we had finished the words we were trying to exchange (er, that I was trying to exchange).

Even though the paragraph that I described above irritated me, what really, really, reALLY irritated me was the fact that Adam stopped listening to me altogether and started talking to the other person. When I finally got his attention, in a child-like fashion, I asked why he wasn't talking or listening to me. In fact, he plain old started ignoring me. He knew that I was pissed.

He said,"Jenn. I know what you were saying."

And maybe he did understand what I was saying. As a matter of fact, I know for a fact that he understood. It isn't the point that he knew what I was talking about though. The least he could have done was acknowledge that I had actually been talking by making at least the slightest comment such as ,"Oh." .... or "Yeah, I know." .... or "I see." .... But no. No response. Complete ignorance on his part. This, I did not appreciate at all. I don't ignore him when he talks to me, and I feel that I should be treated with the same respect. Everyone should in cases like this.

I was a little bitter the rest of the night. Am I being selfish?

missdahling at 9:13 p.m.