Mar. 15, 2004

New Living

I spent the night at our new place for the first time on Friday night. We still don't have a bed though which really sucks. As of now, we are sleeping on the floor on an egg crate or whatever you call them. My back is going to start hurting.

We went to B.J's to have a drink on Friday night and then to Bott's. I had never been there before. Not too exciting, so there is not too much to tell. We got home when it was light outside on Saturday morning when we left the Eagle's. I have a feeling that I won't be getting much sleep living here.

Adam and I had sex for the first time in a few days on Fri. night. I missed him.

During the day on Saturday I got my hair highlighted, then moved some of my stuff to the apt. I love the fact that I have a whole closet full of just shoes and purses. It's the awesomest thing ever.

My cousin put together a surprise birthday party for my aunt on Saturday night. It was held at the Edison. A nice crowd showed up for the event. Lots of friends and family. It was a nice time.

After sleeping all day on Sunday, I moved the rest of my belongings from home. Adam helped move an old stove and my dresser. We have a stove now ! Not that I use it. I don't cook.

Malone, Nicole and I drove to Bloom last night to pick up weed. I met some new people there and saw Erik. Haven't seen him for awhile. We went to the Eagle's and drank a little and then headed to the Rescue's. I can't even remember the last time that I was there. It's been a few weeks which is unusual for us.

We smoked upstairs when we got home. I was up until about 5:30ish (?). Not really sure about that one. Adam and I layed on our egg carton bed and talked about ridiculous things. But it was fun. I'm going to like spending every night with him.

missdahling at 6:14 p.m.