Jan. 13, 2004

My 21st Birthday

I am finally 21 !!!

Waiting to get off work last night was torturous. All I wanted to do was go out. I was so excited. I ended up getting pretty drunk even though I wasn't planning on drinking that much. Tonight was supposed to be the night to get totally trashed because I took off work tomorrow.

While we were waiting for the clock to strike midnight, we smoked a bowl and went to the One's so that Adam could sign the book. We made it to Danley's about an hour before 12. I get in there and Adam's dad was tending bar. He looks at me, then looks at his watch. Everyone there was like,"You're not 21...we see you drink in here all of the time."

It was really cool that my boyfriend's dad was the one to give me my first beer ....when I was of legal age. He came over to me, handed me my Coor's Light bottle, gives me a hug and says,"Happy Birthday sweetheart." It was sooo cute. Adam said that I'll probably remember that for the rest of my life. He is probably right.

Everyone was buying me shots and drinks for my birthday. It was so great.

Malone came down around 12:30 and we did another round of shots.

After Harry got done working, we all went to the Rescue's, where I did my classic shot of Jack which was bought by Jen (the other bartender at the Eagle's). Not much more to drink after that.

Malone, Adam and I went on a burn run after that. Malone returned back to Bloom and Adam and I went back his house. We had some drunken sex. We 69'ed with him standing up and him holding me upside down. We both got very tired. He even called a time out, but as he put it, he "still wanted to fuck the shit out of me." I got sore after about an hour and a half of fucking so we stopped.

The best part of my night was when we were laying in bed together naked. He starts telling me how much I mean to him, and how much he cares about me. He said that he loves taking me out and telling people that I am his girlffriend. He told me that he is proud of me. I thought that was sweet, but not as sweet as when he told me that he loves me.

"I love you hunnie." that is what he said. I told him not to say it unless he meant it. He said that he did. He told me that he loved me a couple of times...and ya know what I said? I said,"I love you too."

missdahling at 9:09 p.m.