Jan. 10, 2004

Bling ! Bling !

On Thursday night Adam and I finlly exchanged Christmas presents. My gift is very sparkly and it goes on my wrist. He got me a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet. It can be worn with both silver and gold. I absolutly love it. I was going to get a link taken out of it, but after wearing it all day yesterday, I have decided not to. It's perfect just how it is and I don't need it adjusted.

Adam has been having a great time playing video games with the Playstation I got him. I'm glad that he liked it.

Exchanging gifts was so much fun.

When we went to Scoob's house last night, I showed everyone my bracelet. They were like,"Well, I guess he doesn't expect her to break up with him anytime soon.

We were at Scoob's house from the time I got off work until after 1am. Adam came in second in the game of poker they were playing. Not too bad I guess. Second out of eight, I think.

Then we went back to Adam's and had sex. I was so tired. It was good too. We started having sex again, but were both too tired (and fucked up) to actually finish.

I just got back from the mall. I bought a pair of jeans, boots, and a shirt. All items are cute. I probably won't do much tonight until it is time to pick Adam up from work later. I dunno. Malone and his friends from Bloom are supposed to come down tonight. I wonder who he's bringing with him. I hope not a lot of people. Guess I'll find out later.

missdahling at 6:11 p.m.