Dec. 26, 2003

A Wonderful Christmas

It�s over�I had a really nice Christmas despite the fact that we spend so much time getting ready for one day. Christmas is still fun and exciting at my house because of my little sister, Madison who is 5 (going to be 6). She got her toys and Megan and I both got DVD/VCR players. Yesterday afternoon I watched my new Sex & the City DVD that I got (Season 4). Such a good season too.

Aside from my DVD player, I also got a mirror to put in my room, storage for my many clothes�.shampoo, razor heads; basically things that I don�t really like spending my own money on. Mom and Dad bought me some makeup, plus those clothes that I have been wearing for a month.

I just paid my mother $75.00 for my cell phone bill and my x-mas clothes. That means that I owe dad $150.00 for tires and $100.00 to mom that I borrowed. My debts are slowly getting paid off.

So, my grandmother, and 3 neighbors came to my house for Christmas dinner. The food was great. As always, I ate too much.

I did the family thing during the day, then at night, I met Adam at the East Ends for a few drinks. We actually hung out with Malone too since he was in town. After we were done drinking, the three of us went to Tegan�s house. Luckily people there had trees. That was the primary reason for going there. It was awesome because we all got smoked up for free. We didn�t need to use any of the gram that I had bought from Mike.

Malone left to go back to Bloom and Adam and I left almost immediately after that. We got out of Tegan�s house and I all of a sudden realized how fucking stoned I was. All I felt like doing was staring. However, I did have the energy to go on a burn run with Megan and Jacob. It�s Christmas, so Adam and I were spreading a lil� x-mas cheer.

I took Adam home, then met Megan and Jacob at Dunkin� Donuts so I could take Megan home and Jacob could go back to his own house. Adam calls me acting kind of upset. He was sad because we didn�t hang out and I�m not going to be able to see him at all this weekend. My family and I are going to visit Pop- Pop and Aunt Kim. I�m like,�Adam, I�ll drive back to town after I drop Megan off at home.�

He looked so cute when I walked in his bedroom. He first gave m a hug and thanked me for coming back into town. We cuddled for a little bit. I thought I was going to cry when he looked at me and said,�I�m gonna miss you, baby.� How sweet is that. I was so wet and wanted him so bad. Everytime I tried to speed things up while we were having sex, he slowed everything right back down. It was really, really sweet and so romantic too.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Before I went to work, I stopped at the One�s to drop off money that I borrowed from him. I won�t see him until Sunday�.. :::sigh:::

missdahling at 4:06 p.m.