Dec. 29, 2003

Car Rides From Hell

I really hated coming back to work today. My weekend was nice even though we left for Pop Pop's an hour later than planned and we had to endure a car ride from hell. Madison was so bad driving down there on Friday evening. I had no idea that one kid could scream and be so annoying. Lucky me; I had to sit next to her. I thought my parents were going to have a stroke.

You can't imagine how glad I was when we finally got there. I'm crossing my fingers that my immune system will be very strong. Aunt Kim was so sick. I felt so bad for her. It isn't fun being sick, let alone being sick and having to entertain company.

Whenever my family and I go down to visit, it seems like all we ever do is eat. I must gain about 20 pounds while I stay there.

I was proud of myself because I didn't spend a whole lot of money when we went shopping. I got 3 shirts from Old Navy and a bag. From Kohl's I got a cute shirt to go with my brown pants that I have and I also got these really cute black pants that I'll wear when I go out. I'm thinking 21st birthday pants. There were so many pairs of shoes that I wanted from Famous Footwear. No, I didn't even get one pair. Too expensive. That made me sad.

Adam drunk dialed me a couple of times over the weekend. He was so cute though. He sounded to sad...I asked what was wrong and he replied, "I miss you hunny."

We got home on Sunday night (car ride from hell part deux btw)and I went with Megan and Jacob to Wal Mart. She needed to return her DVD player and I really needed a cigarette. The whole weekend without a smoke. Amazing.

Liz and I hung out at her house until it was time for me to pick up Adam. I had a couple of drinks at his work and then we smoked. We missed each other. Last night he told me that I mean a lot to him and he likes what we have. I believe that his exact words were,"I like what we have together...after 3 years of .... ya know..."

We've been seeing each other off and on for 3 and 1/2 years; soon to be 4 this summer. I think that's cool.

After a sweet conversation like that, there was no possible way that sex could be bad. As always, it was great. I never get tired of kissing him. I really think we're excellent together; in all ways.

missdahling at 7:07 p.m.