Dec. 24, 2003

Christmas Eve

I figured it out .... and I am going to lose 2 whole days of work next paycheck. I lost 3 hours tonight because we closed at 7. The office is closed tomorrow, so that is 11 hours lost. On Friday I am leaving at 5 so that I can go to Pop Pop and Aunt Kim's with the family. A total of 16 hours. What a great paycheck that will be.

I did however, get a $50.00 Christmas bonus today. That was a real surprise. Everyone in the office thought that we were getting shit. Very few people surprise me.

It seemed so much later than it actually was when I got off work tonight. I am used to getting off at 10, so it that's what time it felt like at 7 when Adam picked me up (he used my car to go to the mall to put money down on my gift). We smoked a bowl at his dad's house, but didn't have sex. The dork got really sick and was throwing up. Felt bad for him though.

Monday night when we smoked, we had sex in his dad's bed....after making out on the couch of course.

That was the night that I was seeing sea animals in his dad's stone wall in the basement. Dolphins, a fish in a cave .... I swear I was losing it.

I didn't see the animals tonight though. Guess I wasn't tOoOO stoned.

Christmas seems to come around quicker and quicker each year. This should be a good one though ....

Happy Holidays :-)

missdahling at 11:36 p.m.