Jan. 08, 2004

She's Come Undone

This morning I was on the phone with Adam when my mother came home from taking my grandmother somewhere. It irritated me for some reason, so I snapped at her. Her attitude towards me was cold from then until I left for work. She thinks that I am on drugs. She thinks that is why I act like I do. Really, she just annoys me. The environment in my house annoys me. She said that the next time I lash out like that, she is taking me to get a drug test. Weed might show up, who knows. I haven't been smoking as much lately though. Doesn't she realize that I am just very easily irritated? I know that I hurt her feelings when I'm like that, but I'm not that happy at home. She doesn't understand at all and I can't put into words how I feel. Acccording to her, my therapy isn't helping. I have yet to tell her that I only have two more sessions.

It is finally Christmas for Adam and I. Meaning that we are exchanging gifts tonight.

We rented a movie and watched it at his house last night. I like doing that once in awhile instead of going out. Because we cuddle, and I really like seeing movies. I think that movies are a good way to escape at times. If I really, really love a movie, I could watch it over and over again. We saw 'One Hour Photo'. It was good up unitl the very end. It's disappointing when the end of a movie sucks.

For the first time since Sunday / Monday morning (am), I had sex last night. A quickie on the livingroom floor after the movie was over. Still nice though. Nothing mind-blowing or anything.

At the end of this month, Adam and I would have been together for five months. This is my longest relationship since Jason.

missdahling at 7:09 p.m.