Dec. 19, 2003

Cast Page

New Cast Page ! ! !

Liz: We met while we were still in high school. We had the same boring math class. She was in tenth grade and I was in eleventh. Both of us were getting over our ex boyfriends who coincidentally both named Jason.

She keeps me grounded. She is the girl who knows me inside and out. We are alike in many ways, yet different in many ways as well. I love her because she is always there when I need someone to talk to.

"we're not sisters by birth, but we knew from the start, something put us together to be sisters by heart"

^ that quote sums it up.

Megan: My little sister. We are three year apart. I love hanging out with her. Just recently is when we really started becoming close. She is outgoing, and intelligent. Whenever I am in trouble, she is there. This girl would stick by me no matter what. When someone hurts me, she is there to set them straight. She has my back.

Heather: We went to high school together, but I didn't really talk to her. We became friends through Liz. June 2002 we went to the beach together and we've been friends ever since.

We share the same favorite soap opera (GH !) as well as some similar situations with guys.

She is a very strong willed person and can be a bit stubborn at times.

One of my favorite attributes about her is that she always knows how to make you feel good about yourself...even when you feel like shit.

Ana: Once again, another friend from high school. We became friends the end of my junior year, her sophomore year. We walked out of school together on the last day to meet Liz and Heather and some other people for lunch.

She knows me like a book. She has a very busy life so I don't see her on a regular basis. She's a really caring person, although a little absent minded.

One of my favorite friends to party with.

Ah yes....we like the trees ....

Vince: I met him through my sister in August 2003. I had sex with him ... we were going to get hooked up, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

He is sometimes a shady character, but He's great to get high with. He is now my dealer.

All in all, I'm glad I met him.

Adam: My boyfriend. That's all I'm going to say about him, because he deserves a page to himself. He is wonderful.

missdahling at 6:26 p.m.